Neha Dhupia - Style Files

We have had our eye on her for quite some time and Neha Dhupia has come out flying colours. Topping our style charts, this Miss Universe turned actress has impressed with her sartorial choices.

Versatile to say the least, she works just about any look. From Indians, red carpet gowns, cute dresses and casual wear, she pulls off every outfit with equal élan. Experimentation is her middle name and she is truly a style chameleon-playing with colours, montones, hairstyles, accessories and her make-up. This girl is definitely not afraid to bring something new to the table.

Spotted in a mix of Indian and international labels, she likes to keep the brand mix exciting. A patron of Indian designers like Shivan and Narresh, Pankaj & Nidhi, Masaba and the like, she also has a penchant box clutches particularly Bottega Veneta knot clutches.

Can’t wait to see what she pulls next! Until then….