Shahrukh Khan Wedding Anniversary 2012

Shahrukh Khan Wedding Anniversary 2012



25th October 1991, the day Shah Rukh Khan married Gauri Khan. Since then, it has been 21 years of togetherness, love, respect, and happiness for the beautiful couple. Their family got complete when their son Aryan Khan was born in 1997 and their daughter Suhana Khan was born in 2000.

Very few people know that SRK and Gauri have known each other since they were teenagers. Gauri was the first and only girl SRK dated, she was his first and only girlfriend, and she was the first and only girl he proposed to. The story of how he followed Gauri to Mumbai, looked for her all over the city, finally found her in a beach with her friends, and asked her to marry him is well known. Gauri has been quoted as saying that SRK's only friends who were girls were Gauri's friends and SRK never went out to parties and clubs with his friends if Gauri was not with him. At the beginning, there was some opposition to their marriage, him being a Muslim and her being a Hindu. But SRK and Gauri overcame all the opposition with love and respect and got married, in true Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge style. SRK won over the hearts of Gauri's parents, siblings, and relatives. Today they love him and consider him their son.

SRK has always respected Gauri's background and individuality. He has never forced Gauri to leave her religion and way of life behind and adopt his religion and way of life. Gauri has the central importance in SRK's life and there is nothing more important to him than his family - his wife, his children, and his sister. Gauri has also always respected SRK's religion and his way of life. Her life revolves around SRK and her children.

In a world and in an industry where most of SRK's contemporaries have commitment issues and move from one relationship to the next, SRK and Gauri have shown us the meaning of true love and commitment and their respect and dedication for the sacred institution of marriage.

Here is wishing the lovely and ever-green couple a happy wedding anniversary and a life time of love, happiness, and togetherness with their family!